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Shelley Craft

Beloved Australian TV presenter Shelley Craft shares insights about her exciting Pacifico House build.

Pacifico House came about, I’d say, at least five years ago when we bought the block of land.

Originally we were going to build a holiday rental, and then because of the location, it is my sacred spot here in Byron, we decided we’d build our ‘forever for now’ home.

I’d been lucky enough to use ABI on another project, and I just loved the colours.

Basically, I know there’s a lot of functionality that goes into these products, but for me, it was all about finding that right colour match for the palette that I was going for, and ABI deliver every time.

As you can see the colour palette that I’ve used in this house is very tonal. Everything is tone-on-tone.

So the gunmetal was the perfect finish for most of the bathrooms.

However, I do have two young girls, and I wanted their bathroom to be something a little bit more special and to make them really feel like I had designed this house for them.

ABI Interiors

ABI was a no-brainer for us, and I knew that they’d have the range that I needed.

For my next house, I’m just hoping they come up with some new products so I can use those too. 

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