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Ah, the laundry. The section of the house whose full responsibility is to remind you (for the rest of your life) that there’s washing to do. When you show a new guest around your home, how many times do you show them the laundry? The answer usually amounts to around zero, as most of us hide our laundry away into a mental purgatory hell, to forget that adulthood comes at an endless price.

After a long day at work, our brains want to come home and reset. We gravitate towards the bedroom or the living room to purge stress, purposely shucking any chains of responsibility. But what if the laundry was a place of invigoration? A place that invited you to come and enjoy the task at hand?

Colours have a psychological effect on our mood, and are a fantastic way to refresh your laundry! Personalising with colour beckons the laundry to integrate better into the home, and unlocks it from the pessimistic pigeon hole we traditionally shove it in.

We have chosen some of our favourite laundry spaces and created colour palettes to help transmute the most uninspiring part of the house, into a magical arena that’s respected for its purification powers.


ABI Interiors

Fallen leaves are lauded like flowers, and its crunch under feet is a sensory delight. It’s autumn, and a soft blue blankets the sky, filling imperceptible space with a crispness to reprieve us of summer heat. 

Coined by us, ‘Autumn Sky’ is a palette featuring copper and blue hues. The contrast of warm and cool is a beautiful mix in the laundry, administering a comforting but fresh feel. It’s exactly how we want our clothing to come out when they leave the laundry.


You can shop brushed copper fixtures here.


ABI Interiors

Life and death co-exist in the forest, all at the mercy of the sun. Decay is an enigma. Dark and ominous, its absence of life is exactly what nourishes gully descendants to thrive brightly in green. 

‘Fern Gully’ is representative of colours found on the forest floor. It adds a thread of mystery into the laundry, a place where dark and light hues come together smoothly. Green colours add a splash of life to prevent any implications of austerity.


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ABI Interiors

Peering out the car window,  your eyes compete with forwarding motion. Underneath the blank cloak of snow is the time before winter, frozen until spring. You congratulate the darkness of tarmac and tree trunks, its perseverance discernable above the white. 

‘Snowy Drive’ is an expression of the clean slate that winter brings. White is the main colour, providing a fresh blanket to let the richness of brown and black hues accent the space. Timber shelving is a great way to bring some texture into your laundry, and maximises well-needed storage!


Shop white tapware here. 


ABI Interiors

Velvet prizes descend from branches straight into the hand, marking the entrance of humid days. Peaches are the sweetest part about summer, their kaleidoscopic flavour matching their vibrant exterior. 

‘Peach Tree’ is a lively colour palette that can bring a sense of summer into your laundry. The calmness of green works well with gold and pink’s brightness, creating a well-balanced colour scheme. It’s unique and fun, making the world of laundry an enjoyable place.


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ABI Interiors

Constantly displaced by the cold ocean, sand rejoices when the sun’s first sparks reach out from the horizon. By midday the sand is warm again, insulating every affection from the sun. From sediment to grains of decades past, all the billions of particles blush in delight for the day. 

‘Blushed Sand’ brings a soft innocence into the laundry space with its charming, neutral colours. The sandy hues of our cabinetry pulls are well-matched by the whimsy of baby pink and deep crimson. It’s a calming environment to be in when doing the washing!


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ABI Interiors

At dawn, silvery baubles of water hang on the edge of grass blades. Anticipating their demise, they delicately wait for gravity’s grasp. Before the elements transmute their form, they decorate the ground with a microcosm of Christmas. 

The ‘Dew Drops’ palette is centred around the beautiful gleam of silver and white. Their sheen is the perfect base for the incorporation of green and terracotta. Greenery never fails to bring tranquility into a space, while terracotta’s clay construction reflects grounded energy. 


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