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Small Laundry Room Ideas to Save Space

ABI Interiors

Despite being one of the home’s most functional and frequented rooms, the laundry is often neglected in interior design. Moreover, small laundry rooms need clever solutions to overcome their space restrictions.

From getting smart with your shelving and simplifying your design to incorporating sliding doors and embracing minimalism, we explore some small laundry room ideas that will resolve those limitations and bring form, functionality, and aesthetic consistency into this space.

1. Keep It in the Closet

ABI Interiors

In a small laundry where space efficiency is essential, and utilities are often an eyesore, the smartest way is to enclose it. Sliding or bi-fold doors can conceal your units completely in a closet when not in use and help maximise traffic flow during laundry tasks. 

Inside, opt for stacking your washer and dryer machines to free up even more space, and consider specially designed wardrobes to hide them away neatly.

2. Get Smarter With Your Shelving and Storage

ABI Interiors

Storage and organisation are essential for small laundries. No matter how confined your space is, you’ll usually have some wall space to play with. Therefore, consider the benefits of a wall-mounted drying rack or ceiling airer to reduce the need for a clunky, space-consuming dryer. Heated towel rails are also beneficial for drying in this space too.

One of the best space-saving laundry ideas is to get savvier with your shelving. Our neatly designed shower caddies can be repurposed as a handy laundry shelf to conveniently store all your cleaning items. Products can be either stored inside or, with the use of hanging clips, hung from the caddy for instant accessibility.

However, if wall space is too limited, wall knobs offer another alternative to reduce clutter and neatly align all your laundry accessories within easy reach. You could even use single or double towel rails, and robe hooks for this purpose.

3. Conceal Your Ironing Board

ABI Interiors

The ironing board is one of the most space-consuming items in the laundry, so it makes sense to conceal it. Fortunately, some clever solutions will prevent folding up and storing this cumbersome commodity.

Investing in an ironing board hidden within your joinery is a brilliant space-saving small laundry room idea. You can find ones that either fold down inside a cupboard or swivel out and back into your cabinetry. This adjustment can save heaps of room in your small laundry and make the chore of ironing that little bit easier. For instant accessibility, consider an accompanying wall cabinet to hide all your ironing essentials too.

4. Consider a Bathroom-Laundry Combo

ABI Interiors

Sometimes there simply isn’t a dedicated room for the space-consuming functions of a laundry. However, this needn’t be a problem if you consider the possibility of seamlessly combining spaces.

Laundry-bathroom combos are a popular and convenient way to accommodate the bulky requirements of your washing units and accessories. And if you position the laundry sink strategically, it can function as a hand wash basin too.

For more options on this interior design hybrid, check out Laundry-Bathroom Combo: Getting the Design Right.

5. Embrace Minimalism

ABI Interiors

Maintaining a minimalist mindset will automatically save space in your small laundry. Therefore, opt for a straightforward style of cabinetry to uphold a seamless style throughout your area that focuses on compactness and efficiency.

We understand that it is easy for dirty clothes to accumulate and lead to an unsightly mess. To save space, ensure you make tidiness a key priority by simply keeping your small laundry tidy. Keep your floors clear by hanging or packing away amenities using our small laundry storage ideas.

Above all, consistency is critical here, so maintain this mentality to ensure your small laundry remains functional and aesthetically pleasing.


    Louise Tilleysays:5 months ago

    Thanks so much ABI. In the last photo, can you tell me where the wooden rail that has been attached to the bottom of the cupboards is from. Thanks, Louise

    ABI Interiorssays:4 months ago

    Hi Louise, this space is by @basebuildingconcepts on instagram, they will be able to assist further 😊😊

    Vanessa Upfoldsays:3 months ago

    Hi I am loving the tiles in the opening photo do you know where they are from ? I am wanting for a feature wall in my coastal bathroom. I also love the idea of incorporating a wall mounted drying rack in the laundry . I am looking into your gunmetal range which is softer than black re taps .

    Lilly Andersonsays:3 months ago

    Hi Vanessa, this incredible space is by @urbanebuild & @bighouselittlehouse who will be able to assist further !!

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