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Tips for How to Work With an Interior Designer

ABI Interiors

Building or renovating is a rewarding activity that navigates many challenges. Enlisting professional help, especially in the formative stages of your design, can safeguard your project from future preventable problems. 

Hiring an interior designer can ease many mental and physical burdens, and if you’ve been thinking of working with one, there are a few things to know beforehand.

From tips about how to work with an interior designer to a step-by-step interior design process checklist — read this blog to feel prepared for your future design endeavours.

What does an interior designer do?

ABI Interiors

An interior designer’s areas of expertise examine a wide range of selections, including (but not limited to) colour palette, texture, furniture, space, lighting, and decor — while keeping in accordance with local building codes. They will also project manage your overall design implementation with various trades and contractors.

Why work with an interior designer?

ABI Interiors

Before you know how to work with an interior designer, it’s important to understand the role they play in your personal achievements. 

For simple revamps that only slightly renew the look of a space, you may not need the expertise of an interior designer. But for new builds or major renovations, an interior designer can not only execute your aesthetic dreams, but their design proficiency can help you avoid costly mistakes in the future. 

If you’re not sure why you should work with an interior designer, read the top reasons below to see if they resonate with your project’s needs: 

  • You want a personalised design: A skilled interior designer will understand your unique vision and work tirelessly to actualise it. 
  • You want to conserve personal time: Their role encompasses project managing your design, which allows you to focus on other areas of your personal life.
  • You need guidance navigating external resources and building codes: An interior designer’s knowledge of building logistics and trades can prevent future mistakes.
  • You have an ongoing project that requires continuity: If you start a project in another room but want the style to match a previously finished space, the interior designer you worked with can help create a sense of cohesion.
  • You want someone that has access to relevant trades: Interior designers work with a lot of different trades and can recommend contractors that are best suited to your scheme.

If you resonate with any of the above needs, it’s possible that your project requires the help of an interior designer. Continue reading to learn how to work with an interior designer.

Step-by-Step Interior Design Process Checklist

We spoke to Susannah Schulz from Lockhart Drafting & Design, to help run us through what we need to know about the interior design process from conception to execution.

What to Know Beforehand

ABI Interiors

This is the stage where you search for interior designers that are in line with your style preferences and budget.

Schulz says, “Oftentimes, the cost of your project will be a fixed price depending on the design package that you select. Any time that the designer spends outside of this is usually charged at an hourly rate. This will be stipulated in your contract.”

It can be good to find designers that are local, as you can meet up in person, and they will have a better understanding of what options are within reach. Though, online correspondence is still a valuable resource to have when creating your future space. 

Once you have selected your interior designer, make sure you do your research before your initial consultation. This is the time to collate any ideas around materials, colours, styles, furniture, and other inspiration pieces you would like to incorporate. 

✅Pinterest inspiration boards with colours, themes, textures etc.
✅Plans of your project
✅Physical samples, swatches, or sketches

From there, your project will consist of three main stages:

1. The Initial Consultation

ABI Interiors

“Your initial consultation with your interior designer is where they get to know you, and they can put together a contract to suit your needs which you will need to sign off on,” says Schulz.

✅Ideation of design implementation
✅Discuss if you want a design package or an hourly rate
✅Read over the contract and be sure of the stipulations before signing

2. Meetings and Correspondence

ABI Interiors

“Your designer will contact you often to ensure that they understand your desired outcome. They will have a timeframe in which they will complete each component of the design process,” she continues.

✅Brief and proposals are presented, including moodboards, floorplans, flatlays, or renders
✅Make sure to voice any amendments or issues
✅Clarify and refine your designs

3. Execution

ABI Interiors

To finalise, Schulz explains that the “Execution of the project will depend on the design package that you originally selected. Generally, your designer will organise trades to paint walls and will purchase products, including furniture and decor items for the project.”

✅Implementation begins
✅Trades are in action
✅You get a brand-new space!


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