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6 Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

ABI Interiors

Time always seems to speed up as we anticipate the beginning of the holiday period. Before you know it, friends and family are at the door, and mess and stress soon accumulate in high piles throughout the home. To relieve some of the pressures that come with hosting at home during the holidays, we’ve thought of a few preparation tips to get you on your way to a fun, relaxed summer season.

1. Do A Deep Clean

ABI Interiors

Declutter and purge your home of mess and grime. Here is a cleaning checklist to aid your holiday preparation. 


  • Clean out the fridge and make room for leftovers
  • Clean and shine tapware and sink 
  • Changeover any old hand towels and keep extras on hand
  • Remove unnecessary items from the benchtop and wipe down surfaces
  • Clean all appliances: oven, microwave, coffee machine etc. 
  • Collate all cutlery you want to use and ensure they’re clean
  • Vacuum and mop floors 


  • Wipe down mirrors
  • Remove products you don’t want to be used communally and stock with toiletries to be shared
  • Ensure there’s enough toilet paper, hand towels, and bath towels
  • Clean shower doors, tapware, and wastes for any marks or grime


  • Pack away any valuable or fragile items you don’t want to get damaged
  • Vacuum floors
  • Remove any stains from furniture and decor
  • Ensure lights are functioning properly
  • Display any throw blankets or pillows in a tasteful fashion


  • Declutter the space 
  • Create enough room for people to store their belongings
  • Provide enough bedding for each person
  • Supply a cooling option, like an oscillating fan, if the room is warm 

2. Get The Bathroom Ready

ABI Interiors

A bathroom can descend into disarray very fast over the holidays. The best way to counteract the impending chaos is by ensuring that storage is supreme and fixtures are functioning smoothly. 

Especially if you’re having guests stay, there is a necessity to have sufficient storage. Installing extra robe hooks or towel rails steers any opportunity for clutter into a more organised outcome. It keeps damp towels out of bedrooms and makes visitors feel more integrated into your home. 

While in the realm of updating fittings, if you have bathroom tapware that needs renewing, now would be the time to do it. As this space is another high-traffic area, having adequate fixtures gives reassurance that your bathroom can cope through the busy period.

3. Refresh with Summery Scents

ABI Interiors

Smell is arguably the most underrated sense, containing an invisible capacity to dictate the atmosphere of a room. Try infusing the air with summery scents to liven your living spaces.

Some of our favourite summer aromas include coconut, eucalyptus, lemon, and jasmine. Opt for scents such as pine, ginger, cinnamon, or spiced orange to inspire feelings of a wintery Christmas.

4. Stock Up On The Essentials

ABI Interiors

Gathering necessities before the peak of the busy period prevents a future trip to the shops, saving time and stress. Consider commonly used items such as toilet paper, paper towels, bathroom towels, linen, and toiletries. Another domain to check is ensuring enough seating for your party size.

Suitably preparing the home creates a state of mental calm, and you can spend more time focusing on enjoying the celebratory season.

5. Sort Out The Kitchen

ABI Interiors

The kitchen is typically the busiest section of the home over the holidays, and this area must be prepped for the influx of visitors and seasonal activities. 

Aside from cleaning, you can implement a couple of utensils into the kitchen to streamline its processes. Certain sink accessories can aid the washing and drying process, requiring no installation for added ease. For example, a dish rack or draining tray can be handy for frequently used items like glasses to store neatly at arm’s length. 

Consider mounting an ice trough into your benchtop for something more comprehensive to make your kitchen a standout arena. This visually impactful fitting creates a sense of communal celebration while efficiently keeping beverages cold.

6. Most Importantly, Get Festive!

ABI Interiors

Embrace the holiday season with your favourite decorations! You can keep it as minimal or maximal as you like. Don’t forget areas like the bathroom and entryways. Each little detail holds the potential to curate a joyful experience for you and your guests. 

For more inspiration about Christmas decorations for your house, check out these blogs:

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