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We range a broad variety of tapware that will positively transform your space.

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Tapware should be both pleasingly functional and aesthetically appealing so that it enriches your space. The best tapware will be backed up by strong durability to ensure that it will be long lasting.

Our Tapware Range

ABI Interiors is dedicated to creating high-end tapware that enhances the home with various designs. Our tapware is available in up to eight finishes to accommodate various interior design styles and tastes. In addition, the limited Aura Collection encapsulates six unique finishes.


Bathroom Tapware 

It’s always good to ensure cohesiveness across your bathroom or powder room. This can be achieved by selecting a consistent style across your fixtures.
Our extensive bathroom tapware range includes wall-mounted taps and mixers, basin taps and mixers, shower taps and mixers, shower diverters, bath taps and mixers, spout and tap sets, spouts, and tap handle kits.  


Laundry and Kitchen Tapware

Equally important is ensuring pleasing consistency throughout your laundry and kitchen products.

We have a wide range of laundry and kitchen tapware that has been designed with world-class technology and processes. This includes an array of sink taps and mixers, pull-out taps, filter taps, and even washing machine stops – all of which can be colour coordinated with your chosen finish.

Outdoor Tapware 

With a 316 stainless steel construction, ABI Interiors’ outdoor tapware has been designed specifically for exterior environments. It includes streamlined outdoor shower sets and separate outdoor tapware components like shower heads, arms, hoses, and hand showers.
We also range outdoor minimal mixers, wall-mounted spouts, and tap sets. 


Find the Finish That Suits You  

Our brushed brass tapware provides warmth and style in the bathroom. It turns an ordinary space into one with personality. If it’s a deep, earthy finish you’re after, our brushed copper tapware is suitable for many applications in your home.  

Alternatively, brushed gunmetal tapware provides a level of distinction in your bathroom or kitchen space with its attractive aesthetics. Another option for those wanting a timeless finish in their home is brushed nickel tapware, which enhances spaces with its appealing looks.

Stainless steel tapware is sharp and distinctive for the ultimate level of sophistication, matte black tapware provides an intriguing modern contrast. For a clean, flush look for your bathroom, white tapware is the perfect neutral touch, while chrome tapware remains a classic staple in the home.

Tapware FAQs

How to change tapware 

Tapware must be installed by a licensed plumber. A general installation guide can be located under ‘Product Information’ on the related product page. However, there are many factors that are involved that can alter the installation method.

How to clean tapware

It’s important to clean your tapware regularly with warm soapy water, preferably using a microfibre cloth. Use natural cleaning products only and avoid abrasive cleaning cloths. Dry after each use to reduce watermarking and surface rust.

You can use a toothbrush with diluted toothpaste and water for hard-to-reach places and restore the finish’s vitality. When cleaning, wipe in the direction of the brushed grain to maintain the brushed appearance. For renovations and new builds, you should flush pipes before first use. To best maintain the finish of your tapware, do not let the water pool. 

What is tapware made from?

Our tapware is made of either solid brass or stainless steel. For each material, the construction and colouring process is different and varies depending on the finish. This information can be found on the ‘Product Information’ tab under the relevant product page. 

Assistance with choosing Tapware

For assistance to buy tapware online, contact our team. Questions can also be addressed via email to [email protected]

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ABI Interiors’ tapware is sold across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart. 

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